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Book 1: His Life

Loopiethotamus, the Chihuahua Who Thinks He is a Hippopotamus is about a chihuahua who really does believe he is a true hippopotamus. He was left in the meadow by Mama Chihuahua because she could not take care of him. Mama Hippopotamus found him there the next morning and took him home to live with her family. These are very enjoyable, engaging books for your little ones. Loopiethotamus is a character who truly believes in himself.


Book 2: His Journey

Loopiethotamus has now found himself living with his hippopotamus family. When he was taken home by Mama Hippopotamus in Book 1 he was a little baby. Now his sister and brother are telling him that he doesn't look like them. Loopiethotamus is dealing with the difficulties of not fitting in. However, through Mama Hippopotamus' unconditional love for Loopiethotamus, she comforts him by making him understand that he does look like all of them. She eases his insecurity. Loopiethotamus believes he is a true hippopotamus.


Special Edition: A Loopiethotamus Christmas

"A Loopiethotamus Christmas" tells the story of how happy and excited the main character Loopiethotamus is about his favorite holiday. The story line expresses the joys of Christmas, sharing and the appreciation of a loving family. The beautifully illustrated art work will get your children ready for the holiday season and create a desire to have the story read over and over again. Anyone who reads "A Loopiethotamus Christmas" will smile from ear to ear with pure delight!

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Book 3: I Am Not Afraid

'I Am Not Afraid,' tells the story of Loopiethotamus' first and second days of school and how he is bullied by Lyle, the lead bully and his side kicks because of his appearance and unusual name. It shows the emotions that bullying can bring and how Loopiethotamus' family instill bravery and confidence in him. In addition, this books speaks of love, forgiveness, acceptance, friendship, and how it truly takes, "the love of a village to end bullying."