Where Blessings Flow...Where Your Actions Can Lead You


You really never know where your blessings may come from or where your actions can lead you. That familiar saying, "Never judge a book by its cover," is one of the truest statements that exist. Never think that God cannot bless you in any package He chooses; whether the blessing be packaged in a young child, a teenager, or even a homeless man. These are just some of the packages God has delivered blessings to me in. When I really think about it, they all came in the midst of my doing something else.

My biggest business-related testimony this year came from a book reading I did at the Midlothian YMCA this past August. When I got to the parking lot, I saw all of the kids in the pool playing. I wondered to myself, "Will they all be ready and available for the reading?" When I walked into the building, things seemed very ordinary. Everyone was going about their day. The receptionist at the front desk had no clue why I was there. A parade didn't march out to escort me to the room where I'd be conducting the reading. I could have just walked out and no one would have been the wiser. It was just a normal, "status quo" kind of day at the Midlothian YMCA. When I informed the receptionist of my reason for being there, she called the director and they told me I was parked on the wrong side of the building! Here I am standing there with all of my stuff and had to haul it all back to my car and drive to other side. But, hey, that's the plight sometimes we visiting authors have to deal with. It has happened to me before.

When I entered the book reading room, I took a look around and liked what I saw. It was very inviting with vibrant colors and bright pictures on the walls. They even had a little rocking chair that I could sit in. About ten minutes later, in rushed all of the children and the two YMCA counselors~ one older woman and one teenage girl. I read the Loopiethotamus book series to the children, answered their questions and gave out some materials to them.  After the reading, I initially gave my brochures and a bracelet to the older female counselor. She explained to me that she is the "head" of the childcare facility there and would like to contact me in the future about conducting a book reading. She then inquired of my fee. As I getting ready to give brochures and a bracelet to the younger female counselor, my mind whispered, "She is so young and probably could care less about receiving your brochures." But, I went against that thought and gave her my brochures anyway. She politely smiled and took them from me.

As I was driving to my next destination, I was so excited about possibly receiving an email from the older female counselor inviting me back for a paid visit. That email never came. Yet, an email did come about a month later from someone....THE YOUNGER FEMALE COUNSELOR'S MOTHER!!! In the email, her mother explained that she is a troop leader with a Girl Scouts Troop in Powhatan, Virginia and her daughter told her about my visit at the Midlothian YMCA. She requested that I come out and conduct a speaking engagement with her girls and inquired about my fee. I was literally floored!!!! I couldn't believe it! I was so thankful to God that I didn't listen to the voice of the enemy trying to convince not to give that young lady my brochures because what God brings forth He will multiply!

I had a very awesome visit with Girl Scouts Troop 3029! We dialogued about what it truly means to have self-worth, believing in oneself, accomplishing your dreams as a woman and fostering proper social circles. Positive connections were made and I think about them every day!

And...Nope, there was no parade that marched out to escort me to the room where I held the workshop. But, they made me feel so welcomed and like I was one of the Girls!  To God be the Glory for all things!! There is purpose in everything!!!  Live on purpose!!!

Believe in Yourself or At Least Start with Just Believing

Dare to Dream 1Loopiethotamus' character allows you to believe even when others put you down and try to convince you otherwise. It takes courage and strength to keep on moving when others try to make it impossible. With children, it's so important to instill confidence in them. It's so important to encourage them to be the best they can be. Sometimes it can be very difficult to believe in yourself. If you have been told time and time again that you’re nothing, you begin to believe that you’re nothing. But for God.

But for God, that He allows people to come into your life that truly only see the goodness in you. These people help you to see the greatness in yourself too. It may take a push, a knock, and even years, but when God has something for you, He has it, and His promises never are broken. God has a season and right time for everything. He has a plan and a purpose for our lives. God loves the children; they are His blessings. Never allow someone to make you feel less than what God says you are, His child. You were created by Him for greatness! Reach for the stars and always remember that the sky is the limit! Take heart and know- Matthew 19:26- "With God, all things are possible."