Who Are You to You?

It is so important to know and love who you are. You know, that person inside the skin you're living in. So many children don't know who they are. They are listening and internalizing what everyone else says they are. The media tries to place certain stereotypes and labels on our children, and without a firm foundation at home to instill in them who they really are, they become lost.

It's so important to tell our children who they are and whose they are. Who created them and that they have a purpose while here on this earth. Create a dialogue with your children and ask them this question, "Who are you to you?" I wonder what answers they will come up with. We have to remind our children every day that they are loved, appreciated, healed, whole, and beautiful ones who were created for so much more. It's not about what the next music "icon" says you ought to be. It's not about the latest dance move or sneakers. It's not about the latest trend. All of those superficial things fade away and are replaced by another superficial thing. It's truly about who you are to you on the inside of you. Who are you to you?

Why You Shouldn't Drop Raisins!

My son and I love eating raisins. They're a very tasty treat. My son is five years old and he is a busy body, like most boys his age. One day, we were eating raisins and after we were done eating, I looked down on the floor and noticed that he dropped about five raisins. As I picked them up, I said, "Boy, I can't believe you dropped all these raisins!" Then I got to thinking even more about all the opportunities we come across in life. 

Small opportunities often times grow into bigger ones. As you are building your business, it's not wise to let the small opportunities go by the waist side because you're waiting for the big ones. How do you expect God to trust you with the big stuff if He can't trust you with the small stuff? 

Do you remember that book, 'Don't Sweat the Small Stuff?' Well, I do and I agree with the title. You shouldn't stress over what you can't control. Actually, God says you don't have to stress as you can cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you. So, when those small opportunities come, pray first. Ask God to put you in the right mindset of gratefulness. And believe that they're meant to thrust you into even bigger ones. Raisins are small and watermelons are big, but God created both for a purpose. They both have seeds. Sow your seeds, expect your harvest, and remember, "Don't drop the raisins!"